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How much land will I actually own? 
One square foot.

How long will I own this land?
You will be a registered owner with Menehune Land Sales LLC permanently.

How many square feet may I own?
You may buy up to the total amount of parcels remaining for sale. This is not suggested.

Can I use it for anything I choose?
No, you will have a deed for beautiful land on Maui and all the bragging rights that go along with it.

What responsibilities, either financial or otherwise do I need to be concerned about?
Absolutely none.

What if oil is struck on the property?
The State of Hawaii holds ownership to all mineral rights.

What can’t I do with the land?
You can not do anything with this parcel other than enjoy owning land on Maui, displaying the beautiful deed and sharing this gift with others.

Is my land registered in the State of Hawaii?
This is a non-recordable deed. All records of your registration of ownership will be kept in the Menehune Land Sales LLC files. Menehune Land Sales LLC holds title to the master property.

Will this deed allow me to vote in Hawaii?
No, the only claim you can make is that you own a piece of land on Maui and you have a deed to prove it.

Will anything be built on the land?. NO. It is our intention to keep the land in self proclaimed conservation and as a sacred place for many to feel connected to Maui. Owning a piece of land on Maui gives stewardship to all who participate.

What is the Hawaiian word for land?
The Hawaiian word for land is 'Aina.

If I buy some square feet of land, what happens if you sell the land...do we get our money back or if the sale of land is more than $19.99 per square foot average, do we get the difference?                   

We will not sell this land. Please read the LEGAL page in the website for Covenants and Restrictions. You, the Grantee, cannot sell the land for a profit.



Menehune Land Sales LLC
P.O. Box 1031
Hana, Maui 96713



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