Covenants and Restrictions

Covenants and Restrictions

Whereas Menehune Land Sales LLC, is the owner of the land described in this web site. 1,612 square feet of land is being offered for sale, one square foot at a time. Sale of these deeds is not a sale of securities. It is issued for novelty purposes only, and may not be used as an investment. The land title is insured by Title Guaranty Escrow and Title Services.
We therefore establish the following covenants, restrictions and limitations on all of the parcels to be sold, governing the use and occupancy of the parcels by the Grantee.

The Grantee (Person named on Deed) shall not make any improvements to or develop the parcels. Grantee shall not occupy the parcel. Grantee grants rights of ingress and egress over the parcels. This non-recordable Maui Land Deed is a novelty item and is not to be used for investment purposes. Grantee shall not receive any income or derive any other financial benefits whatsoever from the parcel or any portion thereof. Grantor is managing agent of the property and will be responsible for all real estate taxes on the property and for complying with any and all local regulations. The number of parcels sold will not exceed the number in the property. Menehune Land Sales LLC will not develop or improve the property.









Menehune Land Sales LLC
P.O. Box 1031
Hana, Maui 96713



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