Rare Sighting of a Menehune

The Menehune (pronounced meh-neh-HOO-neh) are a mythological race of small people living in Hawai'i. Mythology tells us that they may have been some of the earliest inhabitants of the islands.

Menehune have the reputation as master builders who only work at night, under the glow of the moon and the starlight. They only work on a task for one night and whether completed or not, leave it and go on to their home village until the next adventure. 

  Many years ago, on a dark night while driving to Lahaina town, I sighted a Menehune. He was frozen in my headlights standing next to a boulder by the side of the main road. I only had a moment, our eyes met and then he was gone. He was a man, small in stature with an air of majesty. The question was, had I really seen him? Was it my imagination? I believed he was real. I had heard the legend of the Menehune and now I knew these stories to be factual. I did not see another Menehune for an other 25 years. 

Thinking back on a string of events in retrospect, often brings about great revelations. In some strange way, my wife Shone and I became involved in a parcel of land. It was a mess, wild weeds, trees out of control, old batteries and more junk than imaginable. We were somehow drawn to it, realizing our creativity, love of the land and the potential we saw, we decided to buy the property. We cleared it and removed all the junk to behold a waterfall unseen by neighbors for more than 20 years. The ocean peeked over for some views and the mountain view was spectacular. Our goal was to make this into an investment property. Then, almost overnight the market changed, making vacant land loans almost impossible to obtain and land, hard to sell. In such difficult economic times how would we sell this land? This was our dilemma.

So, one night on the full moon, I drove down to the property to think, really think. We had already transformed the property, taking it from a sow's ear to a silk purse, to quote my mother, and now selling it, even at a reduced price had not been successful. I drifted deep into thought, time floating into nothingness.

And it was then that I saw her, bathed in the full moon light, a female Menehune. She was beautiful, regal, similar to the male Menehune I had seen many years ago. Seeing her on our property was truly magical. It was the sign I had been waiting for. I was being directed not to sell the land as a whole, but to share the property in Menehune size pieces with those who wanted not only to own land on Maui and perpetuate the myth of these awesome little people, but to become stewards for this land and the spirit it possesses. So my sighting, on our property, was extremely meaningful and life-changing. Coincidence? I don't think so! It was actually a blessing.

Now, 4 years later, Papa is selling a Menehune sized property. Only 1,612 sq. ft. can be sold. Keep in mind that the square feet are very limited.

Mahalo & Aloha,





Menehune Land Sales LLC
P.O. Box 1031
Hana, Maui 96713



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