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February 27, 2009


“If one day in paradise is worth a lifetime of dreams, how much is owning a piece of  Maui worth?”

It seems that I am a well known personality on Maui for many good reasons. After 33 years of doing business and serving the local community I have built a reputation as a hero. Rescuing many a damsel in distress, earned me this reputation. Being the first Boy Scout Master of the only rehab troop on Maui, IMUA Troop 31 and as Santa for many charitable organizations helped a lot. Also known as the Green Maui Broker, going back 20 years when I gave out can crushers to my clients. I have received several awards from IMUA Rehab and the Golden Rule award from J.C. Penny.

Being a very good cook has added to my fame, but not my fortune. Best known for a triple chocolate cookie named Froyum Destroyum’s. Cooking almost everything in my own style kept me fat for most of my life. Finally, after 50 years of battling the bulge, I turned my life around and lost 100 pounds, saving my own life in the process. My mother always said “he lost 1,000,000 pounds in his on again off again diets”. I am considering becoming a Diet Consultant, having a great understanding of what a fat person feels and how they deal with life and food.

Having been in real estate sales for over 20 years, I am used to making a good living at my profession. Times are terrible across the board, NO calls, No sales. The real estate market has changed to foreclosures and short sales. Loans have dried up. Shone and I had purchased a vacant lot. Vacant, accept for a bunch of junk and large invasive trees. We cleared the lot and in the process opened the waterfall view to neighbors that had not seen it for 20 years.
We wanted to make the land beautiful and than sell it. It was an investment to start with. We tried to sell, lowering the price several times with no luck. Then I experienced my epiphany. Don’t sell the land in one piece. Sell it in Menehune size lots. After all, “Maui has been voted “The Best Island in the World” year after year. It has got to sell.
You can own one square foot of Maui for only $9.99. OwnMaui.com was born. No lenders or creditors. Avoid the foreclosure world.
I always felt that when the large older companies fail, it makes room for new companies to grow. When you can’t sell large parcels, it just makes room to sell them in Menehune size parcels. One of my favorite sayings is, “What sells on Maui, stays on Maui.”
We are Stewards of the Aina, the Hawaiian word for land. We must protect Mother Earth.

With the sales from OwnMaui.com, we will be able to protect the land from development. There is a water meter that will make it possible to raise a community garden and orchard on this property someday. This will help insure the conservation of your property.

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