Now, for the second time YOU can legally own one square foot of land on the beautiful Island of Maui.

This property is located in Kula, up-country Maui. 

You will own one square foot, out of 1,612 sq. ft. The breath-taking views of Haleakala Volcano with the ocean below, are all eye-catching.

A unique, lasting and fun novelty gift or souvenir for everyone. Great Stocking Stuffer at holiday time.

Gift yourself an awardWhat a thrill to own property, of any size, on Maui.

The land will be in  self designated conservation and protected for all time. No buildings, nothing will change.

Now, without fear of foreclosure, no dealing with banks or lenders, you can own your piece of paradise. One easy, unbelievable low payment of $19.99 gives you ownership of one square foot of Maui. You become a steward of the 'aina.

 “What Sells on Maui, Stays on Maui”

For any Real Estate questions go to




Menehune Land Sales LLC
P.O. Box 1031
Hana, Maui 96713



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